White Water Rafting

Rafting has this image of crashing through horrendous rapids and monstrous waves and high flow in monsoon. Most flows there are many class 3&4 rivers of moderate difficulty and many rivers of class 1&2 where you can float along admiring the scenery and running a few very small rapids. Rafting in Nepal is super experience.

Most people are naturally little bit apprehensive if they haven’t been on white water before. Most of rivers have days of easier water and long stretches in between the rapids in which to relax. For more difficult and exciting class 4 rivers people should be active, confident in water preferably have some previous rafting experience. The antecedent system of rivers on Nepal are so good for rafting and middle valleys of Nepal and the cutting their way in more mighty gorges through the Mahabharat Range. All Himalayan rivers are activity down cutting and carry a lot of material as sediment, or as boulders trundling along the bottom.

There are tremendous variations in the volume of water in the rivers. Typically, the mean monthly flow in the monsoon will be over then time that al low water and the instantaneous highest flow. There are some of the mightiest mountain rivers of the world. Rafting in Nepal is usually a wilderness experience incredibly. Nepal is a peaceful democratic country where rafters and kayakers get warm welcome as one of best forms of ecotourism.